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Free Seminars/Webinars


Please check each individual seminar to see its location and registration information. Attend any 5 seminars with the Core Business Seminar (CBS) designation, and you will receive an Entrepreneurial Foundation Certificate.

Call 910-892-2884 to pre-register or for more information about Harnett seminars.

  • How to Start a Business in Harnett County


    In this seminar, you will begin to learn how to get your business started. The program will include: - The only 5 resources everyone has - How to find out about licenses - Should you incorporate? - How to hire good people - How to create low-cost advertising - Two questions to ask any expert - How to do a quick business plan - Where the money will come from - Local resources in Harnett County to help you get started "How to Start a Business in Harnett County" can be your first step to small business ownership.

    • Start • End Date: 06/11/2024 • 06/11/2024
    • Day: Tu
    • Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Cost: Free
    • Instructor: Mike Collins Mari-inetta Pavlic
    • Location Code: HMC (Harnett Main Campus)
    • Building Location: Miriello Bldg. Room 135